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New EP


My new EP is coming out soon and I could use a little help from my friends! You can help me fund my best project to date by simply pre-ordering your hard copy of "Raising The Grain" today and coming to EP release party! There are two ways to do so. You can go to my square online store ( and order with a credit card, or use the paypal links below! You can also use another PayPal link below to get your EP and discounted entry fee ($17) for the release party at New Trail as a package deal! The release party will be on May 22nd, starting at 6pm, at New Trail Brewing Company at 240 Arch Street, Building 18, Williamsport PA. The Lynn & Farley 5 will be performing my new songs with me, as well as many other original tunes! Stacia Abernatha will be performing an opening set during the meet and greet! There will be delicious beers by New Trail, and Derone's Dynomite Dogs and Real Taste Food Trucks! It's going to be a party for sure! $20 day of at the door gets you a copy of the "Raising The Grain" and entry into the show!

This 5 song EP is roughly 25 minutes of new music. I couldn't be happier and more proud of how these tracks turned out. It's my best work yet! My playing and singing have matured and developed to a point that I'm most comfortable with listening to myself! “Raising the Grain” is the last step in preparing a crafted piece of wood for the finishing process. The guitar (in this case) has been designed, shaped, and finish sanded, but before applying finish, the grain must be raised. This is done by using a wet rag and wiping the entire surface causing an expansion of the grains by absorbing liquid. Then you sand one more time and start applying your finish product. This feels symbolic of my current stage in life and career. I’m 36 years old, I’ve finished my schooling and chosen to be a musician and a business owner as a luthier. I’ve carved out a niche business and built a national touring circuit as a performer. Now I’m in a refining process of all of these moving parts. I’m fine tuning my guitar designs, upgrading my tools and work space, refining my building process, maturing as a songwriter, and finessing my guitar licks. I’m improving my health and even started taking guitar lessons again! Once a guitar is shaped and sanded it feels pretty close to being done, but the last step in the process is long and ultimately the most important. Raising the grain is the step between these two stage to ensure the best end result. This is the stage I’m in now.

The songs on this EP contain elements of my favorite sounds, genres, and instruments. The genres include blues, soul, rock, americana, celtic, and even a little twang. Personal stories, experiences, love, travel, heart break, and new beginnings, have shaped the lyrics and grooves. I tracked almost every instrument on this EP myself, including guitars, bass, drums, vocals, vibraphone, harmonica, and more.

The album is engineered by the talented Mike Brown, at Temperamental Recordings studio, in the country side of Genneseo, NY. Tyler Spooner created the album packaging design and artwork. Every copy you pre-order will help fund the final stages of engineering and physical printing of this album. This album will eventually be available on digital download and streaming mediums world-wide, but not until I sell enough physical copies to cover the cost of creating this project! The best way to support an artist is to directly buy their music. Please help me make the release of my best music yet, the best release yet! Mark your calendars for the May 22nd release party! I'll be offering local pickup or free delivery for all pre-orders. I'll also be signing and numbering these items to make them more special! If you get the release party and EP package ($17) you can pick up your copy at the release party! I'll keep a list of all orders and customers, but you should screen shot or save you email receipt as well to show at the door, just in case!

6pm- Doors open

6-7pm- Meet and greet, get your copy, album signing

6:30-7:15pm- Music by Stacia Abernatha

7:30-9pm- Music by Lynn & Farley 5

JUST ADDED after party at The Bar On Market!!! My good friends and LIVE music supporters at The Bar have generously sponsored my release party, so we'll keep the fun going that night with libations and good times! Check them out at


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Check out the Soundcloud preview mash up of songs!


"Raising the Grain"- EP & Release Party

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