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New EP


My new EP is coming out on May 22, 2019, and I could use a little help from my friends, family, and fans! You can help me fund my best project to date by simply pre-ordering your hard copy of "Raising The Grain" today! There are two ways to do so. You can go to my square online store ( and order with a credit card, or use the paypal link below!

This 5 song EP is roughly 30 minutes of new music. I couldn't be happier and more proud of how these tracks turned out. It's my best work yet! My playing and singing has matured and developed to a point that I'm most comfortable with listening to myself! The title "Raisng The Grain" comes from a step in woodworking, specifically guitar making, that is representative of where I feel I'm at in my ability to perform music, write songs, and make guitars. Basically, once you have a guitar body and neck glued up, cut out, shaped and carved, routed, and sanded most of the way you "raise the grain" by wiping the wood surfaces with a wet rag. This moisture expands the grain cells of the wood like the first coat of liquid finish will. By doing the grain raising and one last sanding, you ensure the best looking finish. I feel like I'm mostly shaped as a musician and guitar maker, but now I have to work on the "fine sanding" and finish work. While there is still much work to do, my years have lead to a solid shape and style.

The songs on this EP contain elements of my favorite sounds, genres, and instruments. The genres include blues, soul, rock, americana, celtic, and even a little twang. Personal stories, experiences, love, travel, heart break, and new beginnings, have shaped the lyrics and grooves. I tracked almost every instrument on this EP, including guitars, bass, drums, vocals, vibraphone, and more.

The album is engineered by the talented Mike Brown, at Temperamental Recordings studio, in the country side of Genneseo, NY. Tyler Spooner is creating album packaging design and artwork. Every copy you pre-order will help fund the final stages of engineering and physical printing of this album. This album will eventually be available on digital download and streaming mediums world-wide, but not until I sell enough physical copies to cover the cost of creating this project! The best way to support an artist to directly buy their music. Please help me make the release of my best music yet, the best release yet! Mark your calendars for a May 22nd release party! The exact time and location will be announced soon! I'll be offering local pickup or free delivery for all pre-orders. I'll also be signing and numbering these items to make them more special!




Raising The Grain- EP predorder


LIVE & Temperamental


Tables Turn- "Live & Temperamental"

Let's Stay Together (Al Green)

Texas Flood

Live & Temperamental-"Black & Blues"

One Too Many Times

Guitar Solo

Guitarley's Sessions

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